A title, needed?

The time soon comes for parting,
And our time is at an end or a starting?
The rest of your life is beginning
And we have no time at all to spend.
You knew one day you’d have to go,
But i thought we’d have more time to show
We can’t reverse time’s one-way flow,    But at least you’ll have this rhyme.

You have our shining smiles
Upon this life’s darkened stage,
And in my book of wonderments,
You’ll never, never be just another page.
Like the exploding of a star,
You’ve changed me in and out,
Your light will travel with me far, altogether
Past when all other lights go out.

haal e dil

हाल तो पुंछ लू तेरा पर डरता हूँ आवाज़ से तेरी..

ज़ब ज़ब सुनी हें कमबख्त मोहब्बत

ही हुई हें..


He missed Her Everyday.

She never missed Him once..

He was

trying to be Strong.

She Loved to Destroy Him all along..


just wanted a Chance.

She gave him a murky vile glance

He always wondered What


She Never Really Cared..


finally had to Move On



She Missed Him being There all along….!!

The fact is that ‘HE’ was always with s’HE’


s’HE’ never really cared about the part of ‘HE’ being present within  her.

Friend, No friend!

I once had a friend, who was a wonderful girl

Being her friend was like haveing a bright, new pearl

She was the best, she was so much fun

But then one day she decided that she was done

She would not talk, She would not play

So I was left alone, left alone all day

To tell her how i felt.. Well i didn’t have the guts

Yet everyday the pain got worse like big paper cuts

This girl would get mad even when i would try to talk

I had a friend, A really nice friend, a friend that was no friend at all